The future of online poker

Fully decentralised, online poker platform based on blockchain technology

Online poker

10,000,000 players online
100,000 playing online poker right now
$1,000,000,000 involved


The main purpose behind the launch of BitPoker is to introduce a true peer-to-peer platform and protocol, that allows users to play poker uncensored over the internet. The project aims to be the OpenBazaar of online poker industry, by stressing on replacing the centralized gaming models with a more transparent, secure and decentralized structure.

At BitPoker, no central actor can rig the game and change the outcomes of the bets. It is achieved by utilizing Mental Poker, a non-shuffling poker protocol which allows players to generate encrypted random numbers on the fly. We understand the grave importance of pseudorandom generation of outcomes in a betting system, and we are hell-bent on delivering it to our players.



Fast game

Fast game

Using Whisper or ZeroMQ, users will be able to send/receive messages quickly across the network, ensuring a faster gameplay.
Fast transactions

Fast transactions

Deposits and withdrawals will be handled on the Bitcoin network, which is much faster than any other traditional payment method.
Funds control

Funds control

Players will not be asked to make a deposit to play; they are opening payment channels, which means funds are always in their control, and never held on a centralized server or wallet..
Fair play

Fair play

Using mental poker algorithms, users are encouraged to inspect the shuffling algorithms, software, and messages over the wire.


The first clients will communicate by the encrypted whisper protocol. Should there be demand, I TOR client will also be developed.


The BitPoker client is written in C#. Net that will support Linux, Mac and Windows OS. The software is designed to be modular and extensible, and it consists of five layers mentioned and explained as follows:

  •   •    Presentation/UI Layer
  •   •    Microservices/Controllers Layer
  •   •    Consensus Layer
  •   •    Communication Layer
  •   •    Repository Layer

UI Layer

Controllers Layer

Consensus Layer

Communication Layer

Repository Layer

ICO Details

CHIP Token

will be used as game chips or for mining rake on Bitcoin tables

Total amount

100.000.000 CHIP

Token Pre-order

starts on the 15th of August 2017, no discounts, no private deals

Token Launch

starts on the 5th of September 2017, ends on the 5th of October 2017

Accepted currencies

BTC, BCC, ETH, ETC (Pre-order round BTC only)

Token distribution date

in 7 days after Token Launch ends

Hard cap

Hidden cap

Minimal Viable Product

Q4 2017

Bonus schedule

No Bonuses, no discounts


  • CHIP token holders can operate Bitcoin tables themselves and charge a small rake, paid out in Bitcoin.
  • Rake free play using CHIP tokens.
  • As adoption of the platform grows, there will be an increased demand for CHIP token and limited supply.
  • The product can also be white labelled, and packaged to online casinos and poker startups.

Token distribution

Will be sold on ICO
Will be used for Developement in 2020
Will be used for Developement in 2021
Teams share (3 years lockout period)


Dmitrii Motorov

Dmitrii Motorov

Chief Executive Officer
Dmitrii is a professional poker player for eleven years. Playing online and life poker worldwide now he is looking for implementation of great poker world to impressive blockchain world.
Lucas Cullen

Lucas Cullen

Chief Technical Officer
Lucas is a seasoned software developer and has been active in the bitcoin space since 2011. He first played online poker on Yahoo back in 2001. The project is his brain child. Favorite game $2/5 No Limit Texas Holdem.


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